Turntable Tuneup – How to make your Record Player work correctly and produce beautiful sound

Welcome to Turntable Tuneup!  Our mission is to help you bring your turntable back to its proper operating condition, and set it up correctly for optimal playback quality, to obtain the best sound possible and minimize damage to your records.  Far from being obsolete, analog vinyl records have regained their reputation as the definitive recording format.  Retro hipsters, music aficionados and audiophiles have all come around to the same conclusion: digital music may be compact and convenient, but lacks detail, dynamic range and soul.

This website features a number of products you’ll need to set up your turntable correctly: cartridge alignment tools for every size of record, stylus force gauges for setting your tracking weight correctly, bubble levels, silicone damping fluid for cueing mechanisms, monopivot damping wells and motion damping troughs; headshells and cartridge mounting hardware, and a huge selection of platter drive belts and control mechanism belts.

Additionally, our info pages present a compendium of helpful advice on setting up anti-skate mechanisms, mounting tonearms, amnd selecting phono cartridges for quality and value.  We also explain relevant electronic concepts in amplification, equalization, and troubleshooting your audio system.

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