Strobe Lamps and Stroboscope Disks

Hand-held strobe lamp
Our American-made strobe lamp is quartz crystal controlled for superb accuracy and stability

Turntable Tuneup has designed and made for you this excellent strobe lamp for checking the platter speed of your turntable. Its quartz-crystal controlled circuit produces a highly accurate, stable strobe light with a frequency of 60 pulses per second and an accuracy within 0.02 cycles.

Oscilloscope reading of strobe light output
Light intensity over time, measured by a phototransistor and shown on an oscilloscope

Its pulse width is very narrow, with a duty cycle of less than 5 percent. On our automotive engine analyzer, its duty cycle is short enough to be unmeasurable! On an oscilloscope, its light output, measured by a phototransistor, goes straight to maximum and descends almost as rapidly.

Checking platter speed with strobe lamp
Checking speed – note how round and still the individual dots appear, due to the short duty cycle of the strobe pulses

This short-duration pulse of light captures the location of the dots on a strobe disk so quickly that they appear to stand still if the platter speed is correct; the photo below shows the strobe in action – the dots in the strobed light appear perfectly round and stable.

Checking speed with original Technics SL1100 strobe lamp
Checking platter speed with original Technics SL1100 strobe lamp – the dots are more ovalized and blurred, due to unstable AC line frequency and longer pulse widths

A longer duration pulse of light or an unstable frequency would make the dots appear ovalized or shaky. With this highly stable, accurate and rapid strobe lamp, you can not only set the speed of your turntable platter accurately, but also detect how stable its speed is.

You may need a new strobe lamp for a variety of reasons: many turntables did not come equipped with a speed-checking system; or perhaps yours has broken or burned out. But another reason is that most original strobe lamps get their signal from the 60 Hz AC line frequency, which can vary by as much as 0.5 Hz, particularly during peak demand.

Our hand-held, battery-operated strobe lamp is designed, manufactured and hand-calibrated in the USA for exceptional quality and workmanship. Requires 4 AAA Batteries (not included). It is RoHS and FCC compliant.

60 Hz Strobe Lamp $50.00

Hand-held strobe lamp

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